November 04, 2010

Mostar Bridge

Every Wednesday the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper chooses a reader submitted photograph to publish in its travel section.  On pure whim, I submitted a photograph from my recent family trip to Croatia.  Much to my surprise, my photo was chosen for publication.

If you didn’t catch Wednesday’s edition, here is the photo that was chosen.

This bridge in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina has a storied history only a few decades longer than La Fonda.  Commissioned in 1558 and one of a kind in the region, its stone arch design was considered state of the art technology at the time.

Read more about the ‘Sloping Bridge’ here.


    A little more work needs to be done. On one side of the bridge 4 new minarets pierce the sky, but on the mountain top above them is a cross. Nearby is an old synagogue that seems to have been shot at by both sides.

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