Monthly Archives: March 2011

March 31 2011

Green Drinks

In New Mexico we tend to think of ourselves as pretty environmentally conscious and “green.” But a group of us who are interested in sustainability learned earlier this week how the state’s hottest new industry might be a lot more green. La Fonda was the host for the March meeting of Green Drinks, a nationwide […]

March 25 2011

La Fonda Staff Give Back

One of my favorite things about the family atmosphere at La Fonda is seeing how the spirit of cooperation reaches far beyond the job, to helping people throughout the community. I was reminded of this by a meeting of the Red Cross here recently. Our Director of Guest Services, Adrian Montoya, is a board advisor […]

March 09 2011

Are You Hungry for a Good Meal at a Great Value?

Then look no further than participating in Santa Fe’s Restaurant Week going on in Santa Fe through March 13. Fifty four restaurants are participating, including La Fonda’s own La Plazuela. Follow this link for the menu but since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve given you six thousand words to consider. I dined […]